Month: May 2016

Learn What to Look For When Choosing Your Best Gun

Whether you choose Ruger, Glock, Smith & Wesson, Sig Sauer, Taurus or Kimber; Carrying a firearm for self-defense is a steep responsibility. And choosing a gun for concealed carry is an incredibly personal decision. While it can be tempting to

Hunting Safety Tips

When talking about safety in relation to hunting, the first place we obviously have to start is with our firearms. We have a detailed article on firearm safety and I would advise reading that article as the first step in

7 Common Mistakes of Concealed Carry Licensees & New Shooters

So that you will regularly, properly, and legally carry a concealed firearm, you must select your optimal firearm, gear, and accessories that match your lifestyle, dress, work, recreational and daily activities, personal preferences and philosophies and understand certain guidelines. It


NRA News

For more than a decade, NRA News has been delivering hard-hitting, timely news, investigative journalism, commentary and analysis. No one else in the news media can match our authority, expertise and perspective on Second Amendment issues. We’re telling Americans the