Month: July 2016

Charges Dropped in Caetano v. Massachusetts 2nd Amendment Gun Casse

In March, the Supreme Court unanimously reversed a Massachusetts high court decision that upheld the state’s stun gun ban. The Massachusetts court’s justifications for upholding the ban, the Supreme Court said, were inadequate: The [Massachusetts] court offered three explanations to

Armed Robbers Outnumber Victims 3 to1, But Guess Which One was a Better Shot

When will criminals learn? If you break into someone’s home, you shouldn’t expect to make it out alive. Especially when your ‘victim’ is armed. Police in Mobile, AL were called to an apartment complex on Texas Street shortly after 2 a.m. Saturday morning to investigate a shooting. Mobile

Deputy Fires “1 in a billion” Shot into Suspect’s Gun Barrel

AURORA, Colo. (AP) — Investigators say an off-duty Colorado sheriff’s deputy fired a bullet straight down the barrel of a suspect’s gun, a shot they called “one in a billion.” The detail emerged in a letter from prosecutors Wednesday announcing