Unforced Errors: Don’t Send the Wrong Message

No Trespassing.

WE’VE ALL SEEN THEM: bumper stickers, welcome mats, signs and placards, each proclaiming some political or social value or point of view. Sometimes, they mean little or nothing to us. Sometimes, we get a little miffed. Sometimes, we nod in agreement. And, sometimes, we think — or blurt out — “You’ve got to be kidding!”

Harmless, right? Not if you are an armed citizen. In fact, it can be extremely harmful to you and a threat to your freedom.

Before anyone leaps on me for “trying to quash their 1st Amendment Rights,” let me say that it is not a matter of your rights but rather an area in which you need to make carefully reasoned and prudent decisions. While that bumper sticker slogan might reflect a deeply held belief of self-reliance and acceptance of personal responsibility for your own security, it is a poor choice of forum for a complex subject. Rather than pushing a clever sound bite, the wiser course of action is to be like the strong, silent, self-reliant type we all admire.

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Unforced Errors: Don’t Send the Wrong Message